Home Door Locks

I need to change the locks on the doors to my house. Are there any locks on the market that can be used with our chips? I’ve looked around, and it looks like a lot of them require you to use their RFID media. Looking for something that also has keypad access, because my wife isn’t as gung ho as I am about the implants, but would still like to not have to carry a key.


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FYI, that spreadsheet is a living document, but also a work in progress, and needs a little tidy up.
However, it still is a great starting point.
I did just notice, the “freeze pane” function is not working on the mobile view. So a PC will be a slightly better experience at the moment. <\s>

Freeze pane now fixed on mobile

Thanks so much, very helpful!

You probably saw all of these during your search, but incase you missed them.

There is a community driven open source dead bolt lock project progressing slowly.

It might be worth keeping and eye on this thread

Also some others have tested a few.

So I bought an RFID door lock and it doesn't seem to be working

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we might consider putting some links into the document to these forum posts? Could be done as a cell comment not a cell value.


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