Hornady rapid vehicle safe


Hello,I have a hornady rapid vehicle safe that has rfid,im wondering if the xEM RFID Tag would work for it and if so how would I get the xEM programmed to work

Issues with a Hornady Wall Safe

We know the xEM works be default (no programming the xEM) with the Hornady pistol safe. It should work with the vehicle safe if they use the same tech.


Ok so if it does work with the safe all I have to do is get the implant and let heal and be good to go…sorry for the stupid questions


Not stupid at all. Yes basically I’m 90% sure it will work but the question is how will the implant need to be presented to the safe? It might be awkward to put the xEM into the traditional place between the thumb and index finger webbing and then try to use it with the safe. I suggest you get an xLED-LF too and use that to test your safe for the best position to present your xEM to the safe. Then you can decide if an alternative implant location is best, like maybe the knife edge of the hand?


Thank you,would I get the 125kHz xled


Great! Let us know if the xLED-LF does not work… it is a perfect way to find the best position and orientation to present an xEM to a reader but it does require a bit stronger field than the xEM to work, so if you don’t find any way to present the xLED-LF to the reader which lights the led, we can explore possibly loaning you an xEM chip on deposit to test it with a real xEM inside a platic module… it’s a bit extreme but it is a good way to confirm before buying the xEM itself because we cannot accept returns on any implants… chain of custody and all.


How much deposit will I need…thank you


Did you try out that safe with the xEM? Seems like it could be a real PITA to get a read when you actually need it to read.


Yes,I have a 350z convertible and mounted it between the seats,it actually reads pretty good all I have to do is tap the top of the safe with my thumb and it basically opens as soon as I tap it