How and to what can I duplicate my NExT

If I want to have a chip that is a duplication of my implant for testing, how and what can I use?

You mean if you want to test the compatibility first, right?
The LF part is this:

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You can get T5577 (LF) and NTAG 216 (HF) test cards on ebay in packs of 10 for cheap. The ID of the HF side can’t be cloned, but it will give you an idea of the memory structure. Just make sure you check the source location so the shipping doesn’t take 5ever.

I will be able to copy my implant to this card? So when I program the card my implant will work?

Only the LF (xEM / T5577 125kHz) side, as Satur9 said you cannot clone the xNT / HF side’s ID to a NTAG216 test card.

Basically for LF, you can get a perfect clone, HF you can copy the content (e.g. links / vCard contacts etc.) but not make a clone