How can we use PIN in Linux/GNU?

I have multiple servers and virtual machines etc. for work and hobbies and I am using my bio-chip implants here from dangerousthings as my password but how can we use the PIN module like in Windows 11 etc. in Linux/GNU since having PIN is more secure than Password since you cannot type out the PIN in the bio-chip implants here since they have strings/letters etc. and you will be needing a KBR1 for 13.56 MHz HF chips if you got a PIN in your OS.

Have you ever tried RoHos


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For Linux/GNU? Nope I haven’t but I heard about Rohos before in Windows etc. I didn’t know they also work for Linux/GNU, thank you!

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I must apologise here, I made an asumption that RoHos could be used on Linux, purely because @Rosco was a HUGE advocate of LINUX AND Rohos.

But I just found one of his posts, where he mentions using Rohos for Windows (assuming that is his work computer)

HOWEVER, he also wrote a login script for Linux, so hopefully THAT will suit your needs, The link to the script on GitHub is in the quote below.
Again apologies if I wasted your time

Looks like that repo “nfcutils” was removed.
I can see other repos, but not that one:

Maybe it was renamed to “Simple RFID authentication for Linux”:

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