How do I get into open beta of vivokey?

I want to vivokey flex.

It’ll most likely be posted on the forum when/if they are looking for more beta testers before the commercial release.

You can still purchase the private beta flex one but the open beta is not available yet.

I think we all do, but good things take time…

I agree, however personally I don’t think they are / will be looking for more beta testers, they have had plenty of offers and time to do so, which tells me they are happy with who and how many they have.
( Unless you are a Java wizard with a lot of experience in applet development, they would probably want to hear from you! )

When it is announced, I think it will likely / hopefully be in the Product announcements section, that’s why I have a “Watching” setting on that category to be notified.
I would also expect that it will be announced on the social media platforms, the Vivokey forum and the Vivokey webpage…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I THINK the $1000 purchase price is just a place holder and is intended to dissuade people from buying it. Maybe it needs to be updated to…

Anyway that’s my 2¢


Indeed but we’ve got them on our store for their actual price :slight_smile:

That was set there with a discount code on the vivokey forum.

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You can buy your way in, it’s $1000. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info

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Mine was more of a joke. Though you never know. :slight_smile:

I thought so, but then I actually checked it on the DT store.
It doesn’t say out of stock and allows you through to checkout with space for coupon code like @KaiCastledine mentioned…so looks like you were correct :+1:

Honestly, yes… beta testers got a coupon code to purchase… but of you buy it for $1000 we will add you to the beta :slight_smile:

Just know that we are not shipping any right now due to a discovered bug in the chip hardware and we are working on a new chip and integration of that with Fidesmo. Still, if you bought in for $1000 you’d be one of the first to get the new beta chip.