How do i program my NExT to work on my office door

The system is honeywell
How do i program my NExT implant?
It wont read my hand at all i have even tried using the handheld RFID writer in my hand and it wont program.

In general, you have to figure out what kind of tags it uses. It may not be compatible with the NeXT.

If it is indeed 125khz tag, you should be able to clone the fob to the Next, assuming the NeXT supports the type… If it’s a HF tag, you might be able to use it, but you will need to enroll your tag into the system so you will have to strike up a conversation with your security personnel.

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howdy friend youre gonna want a proxmark and when you’ve got that you’re gonna wanna identify the tag type (most likely LF since its Honeywell which is fine because the NEXT is LF) and then you’re gonna wanna program the next to be In EM mode :}

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See i think best bet is to start with a Blue Cloner as it is soo much cheaper than a prox and will most likely be what OP needs.

Give it a copy, write it to your chip and then try it on the door, if it didn’t work then you go for a prox.

if theyre getting a blue cloner for the love of god get some T5577 test cards to try it on. blue cloners have killed way too many chips and its way to risky to be trialing it on your implant