How do you all write to your implants?

Hi all,

I’m new to the NFC/RFID world so I’m hoping someone has some input here! I just bought an xNT NFC chip and have yet to implant it… I’m running into issues finding a body mod artist in the Phoenix area who is willing to administer the injection.

In the meantime I bought some RFID stickers to practice with so I don’t brick my implant, but the issue I’ve run into is I have an iPhone and iPad (for work related apps), and a PC. I can’t enable developer options on my iPhone to enable NFC write capabilities, and I don’t know what reader/software to use on the PC.

The main projects I want to do are: Program an NFC sticker to authorize new users to my wifi, the project in Amal’s book (RFID Toys) for access to cars and possibly a bookshelf, and obviously with my implant smartphone and front door access. I’ve checked the other read/write forum on here and obviously have the book, just wanted to write and check to see if there are any new technologies which streamline the process a bit or are more effective.

Thanks in advance!

I’m using NXP TagWriter for Android. I’ve had my implant installed for a whole 2 hours now, but I’ve worked with NFC tags quite a bit. I highly recommend setting a password on the config block as soon as it’s out of the needle with Dangerous NFC. Then you should be able to use it normally.

Things are going to be healing up for a couple weeks for me, but let me know if you’re curious about my experience!

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I’m definitely curious to hear about it! I’m also interested to hear how you use it and program it. Also I literally just went and bought a new unlocked Samsung S8 just so I can access the NFC write functionality, so now I can actually download the Dangerous app

NFC Tools or the Pro Version is amazing. I think it is easier to use, then the Tag Writer.