How do you use your xSIID chip?

I’m new here and very curious about how everyone uses their chips.
What reaction do you get from other people when they see you use it for the first time?

My girlfriend and I use our chips to get into our house mostly. We don’t even have a spot for a normal key so people get very confused when they come over. She has an xSIID and I will say I am jealous of the light! Mine are way old, before the lights were available, but feels like pointless pain to upgrade.

Hands down everyone thinks I am lying when I show them the fist time, they think it’s a magic trick not real technology.


Yeah. Exactly. Then they insist it is something in your watch or ring or something… I love it.

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I use my XSIID to store passwords for disk encryption.
I use my Keyboard Wedge to type them out.
The Code is a bit janky, but check it out: Schlaf / Yet Another Keyboard Wedge · GitLab .
Maybe one day I will get around to redoing this in Rust.

I have a NExT but it’s NTAG216 side is just as useful to store a couple of OTP seeds and other things which I want to have a copy of outside of my 1Password vault.