How durable are the implant transponders?

Hey guys, I just learned about this whole thing and I think it is pretty amazing and I want to get into using the implant transponders. However, my hands take a pretty good beating on a daily basis. So I am curious as to how durable the transponders are and how much, if any, of risk is there of it breaking after being implanted. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

@SupremeSchmidty which transponder are you looking at. I have had my xNTi for a few years now and I have had some panic moments with my implant but it all depends on where you place it. The recommended spot is between your thumb and index finger in the space between the 2 fingers. I did a talk on this a while back but look at starting on slide 11. Slide 13 is a good example of where not to place the xNTi especially if you are doing it your self. @amal personally warned me about that location.

If your looking at the xNTi id also recommend taking a look at the xNTI product page and looking at the Important Things to Know section

That being said, since your hands are taking a beating, id recommend getting one of the Flex transponders since they are more flexible and it is protected by a coating rather then glass so can take a bit more of a beating.

Hope this helps you out.


@MobleRez Thank you very much, what you said was very helpful and I really appreciate it! I will defiantly look more into the flexible transponders. Thank you again!

As an update to this post, please see the following link of the tests an X-series is put though.

mmmm chicken :slight_smile:


So, I’ve read the durability page, something I encounter often is wrapping a rope around my hand to get more grip when pulling hard on said rope. My NExT is directly against the middle of my second metacarpal, right where the rope would wrap. Has anyone wrapped a rope where their implant is and put full body weight on it?

hmm… so it is overtop the bone? can you take a photo of your hand and digitally draw on the photo where your bone is (in one color) and how the NExT sits in your hand (in a different color)?

if I wrap a rope multiple times or even wrap once in the middle, it could pin it against the bone is my worry.

I work as a pool technician and when we’re taking off larger covers like these; we have to tie a rope sometimes to pull the cover off correctly. I’m often leaning on the rope with full body weight. I’ve avoided wrapping the rope out of caution, but I’ve gotten rope burns from lack of grip just because these covers are so damn heavy (don’t like work gloves when I can use my hands just as well, want to avoid using them)

Ah I think it’s unlikely actually. It may get pushed toward the bone but it will gladly sink down deeper into your hand vs pinching up against the bone… bones are round tubes after all :slight_smile:

It won’t actually move through tissue, your tissue will stretch to accommodate it.

Im concerned the rope would prevent that though

with the rope wrapping around multiple times, it can prevent side to side movement, and squeezes your hand so tissue that would normally be there, is squished out of the way. its mostly my fault, for placing it too far up. if I had started my pocket a centimeter towards my wrist, and half a centimeter towards my thumb, it likely would’ve say in a better spot

Yeah there’s a small chance it will get pushed toward the bone and it will slip upward overtop of it and end up between the bone and the rope… but as you wrap the rope the first time you can ensure it pushes down instead and then you’ll be good.

Just wait the 3-4 weeks for full healing and encapsulation.

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I implanted the NExT in that hand in August, so fully encapsulated.

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Ok great…so are you actually experiencing the chip sliding up over the bone? If so, can the first wrap of the rope be done specifically to force it down instead?

Otherwise if it’s just sliding up and over the bone then removal and reinstallation is probably best. A professional piercer can do that… autoclave it, and place it with a piercing needle.

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Also, I love that I get to brag that the founder of DangerousThings is personally responding to my questions, or anyone’s questions for that matter. I’ll be talking to a friend about a topic on the forum, I’ll see a post by Amal and point out " Thats the founder of DangerousThings responding there, they care enough to take time out of their day, everyday to respond to us and help us with our issues, no matter how trivial." It’s always such a treat that can’t be found many other places.


No sliding, I more mentioned the rope holding it up and down because of the thickness of the rope we use. It lines the two outer wraps up with the sides of the NExT, further preventing any movement that might be available up and down even when encapsulated. This then provides the perfect opportunity for the center wrap to put direct pressure on the implant. Considering the rope has the ability to fold my hand with pressure (hotdog style, as in not the direction it should fold), I worry it’s enough to break it, no matter if the implant is on top or bottom of the bone because that center wrap is applying pressure in all directions.

Right from when I first read this I wanted to reply, but didnt want to sound like i am judging your poor life choices :wink:

You do you, BUT personally I would never wrap a rope/line around my hand, not only because of implants, but because it is super inefficient.

There are many more efficient options.
How good is your rope work? Do you know many knots?
It wouldn’t take long to learn a couple that will only take seconds to tie and untie (even after having a load on it)
Those knots will allow you to get a better (safer) purchase than with a wrapped line.
Alternatively, a loop to pass your hand through, and rather than grip and friction, your strength will come from the wrist.

An even “better” option, carry a short (~100mm) stick , tube, hose or similar.
Wrap the line around that, using friction or knot (clove hitch for example) and you now have a handle, with more grip strength than your wrapped hand will ever give you.

Anyway, thats how I would do it

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I mean, there are plenty of knots that make great handles…even ones that allow for adjustment up and down the rope, but none of them will ever beat the speed of wrapping your hand quick and pulling hard. Especially when you’re going to constantly be grabbing different parts of the rope. The rope is also wet as it’s being used as a means to keep a corner tight while removing the cover.

There are mainly solutions to that specific problem, I was more interested in how careful I really need to be. Do I need to make sure that I never let a rope wrap tight like that, even when I’m in a hurry and just can’t be bothered to tie a knot. If I need to keep that on my radar as something not to do, or if I can be a little more careless with it, knowing that it will likely be okay

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I do BJJ, and work in a factory with high impacts on my hands, so far I haven’t busted either of mine.

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Fair and sensible

I would suggest wrapping the line around a stick would be only fractionally slower, but result in a far more effective “grip”

I’m just speaking from my experience, but with your specific job may not be practical :man_shrugging:

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I appreciate the ideas though! I may start using a stick…

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I try and lead my anxiety towards things like that, but alas it would not be anxiety without it constantly doing the opposite.