How durable are the implant transponders?

Hey guys, I just learned about this whole thing and I think it is pretty amazing and I want to get into using the implant transponders. However, my hands take a pretty good beating on a daily basis. So I am curious as to how durable the transponders are and how much, if any, of risk is there of it breaking after being implanted. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

@SupremeSchmidty which transponder are you looking at. I have had my xNTi for a few years now and I have had some panic moments with my implant but it all depends on where you place it. The recommended spot is between your thumb and index finger in the space between the 2 fingers. I did a talk on this a while back but look at starting on slide 11. Slide 13 is a good example of where not to place the xNTi especially if you are doing it your self. @amal personally warned me about that location.

If your looking at the xNTi id also recommend taking a look at the xNTI product page and looking at the Important Things to Know section

That being said, since your hands are taking a beating, id recommend getting one of the Flex transponders since they are more flexible and it is protected by a coating rather then glass so can take a bit more of a beating.

Hope this helps you out.


@MobleRez Thank you very much, what you said was very helpful and I really appreciate it! I will defiantly look more into the flexible transponders. Thank you again!

As an update to this post, please see the following link of the tests an X-series is put though.

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