How full of BS can one post be?

This article comparing “prox cards” to “RFID cards” is full of the biggest pile of :unicorn_shit_happens: I have seen.

Apparently “prox cards” are low frequency cards operating at around 125 kHz… Or was that 13.56MHz? It claims both at different points. :eyeroll:


i can see the lapse in their research. they must have come across “hid prox” which is LF and just decided prox the model and prox the word are the same

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RFID systems can be implemented in a range of doors and locks due to having a diverse range of cams and spindle lengths

The what and the what?

I fail to see how many of their pros/cons are relevant to the differences between technologies. It seems more like this article is trying to compare RFID/“Prox” to traditional keys.

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