How long before I can start using vivokey

So a few days back installed the vivokey spark 2 on my forearm and I’m just wondering. How long does it normally take you guys to get a good read. My phone can’t pick it up yet (though it’s NFC connectivity is spotty at best) and I can juuuust about sense it with proxmark3 if I do HF tune and compare the voltage drop to the opposite arm. My worries are either that it’s too deeply implanted (though I can feel it right under my skin. Without applying any real pressure) or maybe something wrong with coils (but I really hope that isn’t the case with it, and I’m a bit hesitant to even put it down, as I have read about it but it seems pretty rare)

Hopefully as swelling subsides in the next 2 weeks it’ll come to

Yep, generally we would suggest 2 weeks should yield pretty reliable reads.
Everybody heals differently, but I wouldn’t be too concerned just yet…:+1:t3:

Awesome. Yeah I had an idea I might be putting the cart before the horse but good to just ease nerves


Nice. Finally got it to scan and set up my profile

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For me it took me like 2 week to read easily. I freaked out, too, when I couldn’t get to read it but after that it was easy.

I self implanted my VIVOkey 2 days ago & set it up & linked this account for this login. Idk I must be a mutant because I seem to heal fast. But it should heal super quick for anyone (hopefully). You may get readings with the bandage on depending on the reader. iPhones for example can be tricky unless said app has a “trigger read tag”. That seem to boost its reading capabilities.

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Further to this, I’ve seen with the various field detectors that the iPhone (12 Pro in my case) seems to attempt to read approximately 4 times and then significantly decrease it’s read/NFC power whist on the Home Screen.

I presume this is a power saving tactic as whatever is in the field and pulling energy from the phone would continue to do so, with no actual function. As pointed out, with an app which deliberately reads a tag (showing the NFC reading dialog on the screen) this step back in power does not occur.

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I did get a reading like one or 2 days after. Was kind of spotty then but after another day or 2 after that I’m now getting consistent readings

As for this. It’s been one of my biggest problems using my phone for implants. It’s so annoying (I’m using an s20 ultra) and the NFC pulses a few times (with all pulses being quite short) then it just takes down the amplitude so much. I wish I could control the power to the coil, lmao

You probably can if you root/flash your phone. However it’s likely to drain your battery. I jailbreak my iPhone …rooting/jailbreak takes off the parental locks on the root file systems allowing for modifications of the device.