How long for aftercare

I just got implants in both hands Thursday. Wondering how long till I can start lifting weights again. I’m not hella stronk or anything so no crazy heavy stuff, but I think grip is the main issue. When would be safe to start up again?

Give it a few weeks to a month probably. I would say once you can clap your hands without any pain then you would be fine. Go slow at first though on the off chance.


Rad. Thank you!

Definitely hold off on 5+lbs in general for the first week, from there to a month just don’t be an idiot and you should be ok. I’ve done all manner of dumb stuff less than a week after it going in and it turned out fine for me. Not saying that’ll happen for everyone but it’s not like things will go super far south if you do lift something heavy.

Following up with this conversation - I have a bit of discomfort around the implant area. It’s just been about a week. What are some kind of warning signs that things are really bad and maybe I will need medical attention? Anything to look out for (discoloration of skin etc)
I’m going to wait for a month to see if the discomfort goes away.

Red, puffy, hot, that sort of stuff. Mine was a bit tender for a while as well.

If you see any redness, puffiness, or if the area is hot go see a doctor because you have an infection.