How long to start working?

Ok apologies but another “how long” post.

Got my payment implant and xLED installed today, neither appear to be working so far abd I find it hard to believe both broke during install.

My hand doesn’t look too swollen but guess it must be?


We should really have an FAQ page titled “So you just got chipped?”

But in all seriousness, it really does take some time for you body to get used to a foreign object that you just forcefully shoved into it. There will be fluid around the area and inflammation and/or swelling that will have an effect whether you can see it or not. The general recommendation is to wait at least two weeks. Some people take less time, some people take slightly more to heal.

tl;dr Just be patient, don’t mess with it too much while it heals, and try using it every once in a while. Eventually, it will work.


Thanks. Tbh I kinda knew that I’m just really impatient :joy:

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Tried to upload a video but the payment implant is working

Was worth it just to see the look on the girl at the checkouts face :joy:


I just upgraded your trust level.
You should be able to upload it now

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its also cool to watch the the customers, dome of them look very surprised like: WTF

I love paying in stores or restaurants.

i got also wuestions:
“can i touch it?”
Me: “Why not…”

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today was my first real day of using it.

old woman serving me in the butchers as i walked out the door. “that guy just paid with his hand. did you see that, no card just put his hand on the scanner - do you think we’ll get the money? it went through but … his hand…”

girl serving me in starbucks “dude that is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen, how the hell did you do that?”

guy serving me in shop “wtf man, how did you do that? John, John, come see this. man buy something else…” me no i don’t need anything else, him “ok here’s your money back (hands me cash) ok buy it again, john watch this shit…”

honestly, i’m loving it


For many people it is very new, that you can have your card implanted.

can’t wait for my next holiday. We will visiting different restaurants and shops.

the reaction are cool from the people. In 2021 i paid in Hamburg in a bar - they loved it - they call also the security gut, thst he was sble to hear about the technology. other customers want to see my implanted LEDs…