How long to wait before using magnet implant?

I know I’ve seen a guide that explains how long you should wait before using a magnet implant but I can’t seem to find it now. On Steve Hawoth’s magnet FAQs it says that the site isn’t fully healed until around 6 months after install but I’m hoping I don’t have to wait that long…

How long should I wait before I can start lightly using my xG3? I would think a syringe install would heal faster than a scalpel install.

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1.5 to 2 weeks should be fine. It can be more or less depending on how quickly you heal. I was able to lightly use my xG3 V2 about a week after implanting, and fully use it 2 weeks after.


I just got an xG3 v1 installed in the pad of my middle finger. I very gently messed with mine the next day but decided that was a bad idea. I did a little more playing after 1 week and that caused soreness and swelling. After 2 weeks I actually started getting some sensing out of it.

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my bodymod says, for the magnet from Samppa:
don’t play for 2 month

it was difficult, after one month, i lift about 3 or 4 times a paperclip. after 2 month i played a bit more - only, for very short times.

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