How many 13.56MHz implants needed, and where to put them..?

Good chance these are LF


Hmmm, a Proxmark!

125kHz EM / HID / AWID Cloner

What are you trying to do with the info?

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My gym was positive to registrate my chip in their system, but my chip did not work with their readers. Same with the lock at my parents house.

My workplace are quite big, and the security guys refuces to even consider approving implant use, according to them it’s less safe than the card… They won’t even tell me what frequenzy the readers are, other than ‘multiple’.

According to US, they are wrong

If TagInfo doesn’t read the card, it is likely they are LF, but to confirm


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Do you have a read at both cards to know what type they are? or even HF/LF?

Unless they use a tt4 and actually do have something decent for secutiry.
Which I honestly doubt, since that is the same BS excuse they gave at my job when all they do is read the ID out of a tt2 which I couldn’t clone more easily.
(double negative. i.e. it’s stupid easy to clone)

I absolutely hate when security becomes about taking the action less likely to let blame fall into the head of security, instead of actually securing something…

I’m trying to figure out which implants I need and how to configure them to work as I want… As a girl with little to no experience with tech and no friends that are interested in things like this, it’s a bit overwhelming, so I guess alot of stupied questions will be asked…

The Proxmark, which software do you need? I think I read somewhere that Python where used with it. Sounds difficult for a noob?

There are no stupid questions.
Stupid is to not let yourself move forward due to a question not asked. :wink:

And I’m happy to say that this community feels like a fairly safe space in that regard.

The proxmark… You are in luck! @amal just got this post up yesterday:

should have everything you need there!


I’ve tried my chip on the readers, and NXP TagInfo on the cards. Did not work, so I’m currently waiting to get the ACR122U and a diagnostic card delivered by mail - guessing it will take a week.

As little as I know, I have no problem understanding that it’s bullshit that a implant is less safe than the card. So yes, it’s very frustrating. I’ve tried debating this with them twice, but…

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Honestly if you can afford it, the PM3 easy is a worthwhile investment to many people, and likely would be for you too. When you get a diagnostic card that’ll tell you a bit more.

After that, it’ll likely come down to a PM3. Are you a windows or linux user? Also if you get a PM3, hop on over to the DT discord - there are often people around more than willing to hop into a voice chat and walk you through stuff! Often easier for individuals that way, though info gets lost so we also appreciate writeups to the forum.


I feel you. :confused:

I am quite hated by the security guys at my (cyber security) company… Mostly because they are incompetent and hate when you point that out publicly :sweat_smile:

Also… I’ve proven far too many times that the technical security on a badge is the least thing you need to worry. I get in and out of so many security firms without even working there… Most of the time all you need is a nice suit and a smile. It never ceases to amaze me how gullible and biased (borderline racist) people are…

Anyway… back on track:

I think the ACR122U is still only able to deal with HF (NFC)… please someone who uses it correct me.

It is a very good reader, though, and hardware-purposed to work with windows/PC (and that’s exactly why I don’t use it much)

Other than that… I can only repeat what @DonFire just said. all of it.

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that’s correct :slight_smile:

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Specifically the acr122u uses the pn532 reader chip inside. This limits the acr122u to only ISO 14443A/B and felica. It cannot read 13.56MHz ISO 15793. That means chips like the Spark1 or any icode or other iso 15693 tag types like some legic chips cannot be read by the acr122u.

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Oh, fantastic - thanks!
I see that the post shows how to do this in Windows. Do you know if there is a similar and good guide for people that are using Macbook…?

Neither Windows or Linux, I have a Macbook… Useless or just tricky?

Mac OS needs some compiler tools installed but you should be able to run the tools… I think… haven’t tried it.

I know some people have gotten it working, as Amal said. I (and probably quite a few others) would be willing to work with you to get it working should you get a PM3 easy.

From what I’ve seen, its at least possible: see here.

Haha, I feel you. I don´t even work with tech or security, and even I think there is alot of improvment…
I think I´ll try to copy my work badge into a chip even tho they said no. Like, I don´t think they would even notice it, and if they do - well, then I have kind of proven my point.

Hm… I definetly have a lot to learn. Looking forward to it! Won´t be going home for christmas this year because of corona so I´ll have two weeks of holiday to just read up. Thanks for sharing your knowlegde guys!

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Hm… Well, it´s definitly worth a try. I feel a PM3 is a bit next level, so I´ll start with the ACR122U and the diagnostic card while I´ll read up a bit first. I´ll let you know when I´m ready, - thanks a lot for wanting to help me out!


There is! I had great luck with this one by @identity.


Many of the things that work on Linux will have some way or another to work on Mac via command line… but I couldn’t say for sure. The less I use my Mac the happier I am, usually. :laughing:

Exactly the route I would (and did) take. :wink: