How Many of you Have a Bump?

How many people with an implant have a noticeable bump? Its been about 48 hours since I got my first implant in L0 and the only thing you can see if the injection site that now looks like a small cut. Other then that you can’t even tell there is a NExT in there.
(Its still wild to me that I have a glass tube in my hand now)

You can not yet tell if it’ll be visible or not, because it’s certainly still swollen.
In ~2 weeks you can be certain it won’t become any more visible than it is.

Depending on the chip and position it can be quite visible, but mostly you won’t notice xseries.
When I make a fist and move my thumb to the side, I can very clearly see it, but other than that, I don’t see my next.

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  • I’m bumpy
  • No bump (or barely visible)

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My NeXT is bumpy, my xSIID is deeper so not bumpy.


My NExT in my left hand (L0) has a distinct bump, my Spark 2 in L2 does not, and my xSIID in R0 usually doesn’t, but I think occasionally it sticks out just a little, depending on my hydration and whatnot.

Pic of NExT bump

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I had a bump around my flex implant. Now all I have is a 3/4 cm or 3 tenths of an inch crescent moon scar near it.

Edit: No bump, corrected size

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Thank fuck you did…I was just composing a reply.

See below


Who breaks down cm. into 8ths???

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If you’re going to brake down inches into decimals, use mils… You don’t want to make the engineers on this forum get any closer to insanity…

A NExT installed May last year

A flexDF2 installed June last year

No ‘bump’ and almost invisible scars now, especially for the NExT.


No scar, no bump.

The scar that is there came from something else
Here I press my fingers in from the underside so the implant is visible a bit

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Welp I know my new game…. Metric into non base 10 units

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I run into this in 3D printing so much that 25.4 burnt into my brain.

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I’ve got an xsiid (blue) in l2 and a next in r2, both show a thin outline of the implant but no one (even my doctor) seemss to notice. I just installed an xdf2 at r0 this evening, I won’t know how visible it is until the swelling goes down.