How much do magnets get in the way?

As a titan backer, I’ve had lots of time to think things over while amal is working his magic. One of the things I’ve thought about is placement

I want to do the outside of my dominant ring finger because it’s the ring finger and doesn’t get used much but is still my dominant hand so it will be much more natural to use it for feeling or really anything else.

Now that I’ve been paying attention for a bit, I’m realizing that I actually do use that ring finger a bit fairly often when gripping bottles… (I work at a wine store) but not for much else that I’ve noticed…

My question for those who’ve had finger magnets before or currently is: How much does it get in the way?
How much pressure would you have to grip with to make it uncomfortable?
Since (from what I’ve seen) it’s usually more towards the side of the fingertip than the pad, is it only really an issue at certain angles or with edges?


also sorry if this should have gone in that one titan placement thread, feel free to move to there, i just thought exploring the issues with a certain placement might be off topic enough for its own thread.


Depends a lot from your use-case as well.

One thing that makes me cautious about getting magnets on my fingers is that I do wall climbing… that means I will add a ridiculous amount of strength/pressure on my fingers in all weird angles you can think of! then the “squaredness” of the titan gets me a bit more worried.

But regarding just gripping stuff… I believe you should be able to adjust your grip automatically after some time.
I don’t have magnets on my fingertips, but this educated guess comes from experience with having a shitload of open cuts in my fingers and realising that I stop putting pressure on them instinctively long before they heal.

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I got my magnet on the side of my ring finger about 3 month ago and after about 2 month I can grab stuff and put pressure on my finger without even noticing anything. It feels all like before i got my magnet.

But I cant put pressure exactly on thr magnet. It just feels uncomfortable.

The only downside i noticed since are very small metal splinter. (I got them off by wiping them carefully off my finger. Water wont help you there)


I got the one from Cyberise in my finger. Pretty exactly between middle of the finger and the side of it.
When I’m lifting something heavy i can sometimes feel it shift a little out of the way with the rest of the skin.
More a reminder than anything else.
Don’t think I’ve ever really had some issues with the magnet. But it is definitely a less square shape, and smaller too.

I guess it would be a good idea for you to put it further towards the side than most do. I’d guess you do put most pressure on the middle of the fingers and not the sides.

Thanks for the replys, sounds like I shouldn’t run into any issues with my usecase. Thanks a ton

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you could try and glue/tape something onto your finger at the spot you’d like the magnet at. Makes it easier to notice when something presses against it.
Might be a bit silly but maybe try climbing with something like a grain of rice on your finger?


Good idea! I’ll try that in a bit.