How much pressure can an x-series withstand?

I’m planning on getting three implants installed in a couple of months. but I am worried that the third one may get hit by a basketball or I will manage to land on it and end up smashing it. has anyone done any testing or had any experience that would exert more than 500N of force on theirs? and if so, what happened?

Where are you thinking of putting them?

This covers the official testing done:

A few have also been hit with hammers by mistake. As far as I know no DT implants have physically broken to date.

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I was planning on putting it on the top of my right arm about 1.5 inches away from my wrist

Cool, so if you where to put an x series there it would be between the Ulna and Radius bones with a fair amount of give underneath, it is a fairly safe location.

Specifically a “basketball” would likely be entirely blocked by the bones on each side without causing any issue to your implant. This is a guess but even a direct hit from a hammer in that spot if it somehow managed to miss both bones would not effect it either as there is no hard surface underneath to crush it against.

In my completely non professional opinion, it is a very safe spot.


I just hope that it will stay as safe and secure as it would in a hand. thanks for being a second pair of eyes on this

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It is likely safer than the hand as there is more cushioning. As I understand it the hand is more a sweet spot between safety and easiness to manipulate.

I made this a while ago if you have not seen it, covers a fair few implant spots


thanks for linking your article. this will be extremely handy when I plan on getting new transponders or when I try out the flex models