how to buy a biochip NExT RFID + NFC

work in a large electronics security business and we are developing new ideas and generating new partnerships in the field of technologies, and would like to know how to acquire a NEXT RFID + NFC biochip.
All our access control and electronic security products work with one of the three technoclogies embedded in this biochip.
At first I would like to be acquiring one for testing and if it comes realmate meet the expectations be disseminating the technologies to others.
In time I wonder if this biochip has proper functioning with android and IOS.


You can buy one on the DT store, the NeXT is only about $120 if memory serves me correct. Yes, it will function with iOS and Android, but just the xNT side. The xEM side will only be written to from a Proxmark or other 125k cloner.


If you want to test everything first, you can buy one from DT and just push it out (not injecting it into anyone) and it will work as normal, you can use it to demo/test.

The NFC (the xNT side) works with IOS and Android fine.
Obviously RFID (xEM) won’t as thats not what its for, It’s more of a blank card that can be written on via a 125k cloner ( Remember to read up on the use of a cloner and if it locks the xEM to using that certain brand)

I also suggest grabbing an xFD to know the perfect location for the implant to be tapped (helps staff know before having to rub their hand all over the reader / Trial and Error)

Good Luck! and let us know how it goes, i’m always interested in jobs who look into giving staff the choice of implants