How to discover card types?

I’m interested in having some of these chips implanted, but I have questions that I can’t find in the FAQ:

  1. How to discover the type of chip I’d need to clone/emulate the existing pass cards I have in my wallet

  2. Where I can go to read/write a chip to become a copy of these cards?

I’d like to have either my bus pass or my employer card pass put into my hand, essentially.

Bonus question:

I purchased a wallet from Roots that claims to protect RFID Signals, and my bus pass can still be scanned through my wallet. Have I been had?

You can use “NFC Tools” to read out the type of card you have.
It’s an android app and there certainly are ones for iPhones too.

I think this protect cases didn’t work. One of my friends had one, he showed me - it looks like some paper with silver paper inside. He paid aboout 15 to 20 Euros for it. Sorry I wasn’t able to scan his cards for it - he is a bit afraid. He has also the NFC function on his mobile phone deactivated and he couldn’t believe it first what I did :slight_smile:

Ive used that app (thanks!) And discovered the types of chip for my debit, credit, and bus pass cards. However my employee pass isnt detected by the app. Is there a common chip type that phones cant detect? A reader i could use to find out?

And also, ive had my debit card skimmed at some point (changed card and had charges challenged), which is why im interested in the protected wallet. Any recommendations in that area?

Might find this useful:

Most likely your bus pass is not cloneable. Your work card might be a low frequency (125khz) tag which a phone wont read. (See first link above) Depending on the chip, it might be clonable to the xEM.

Most likely your card wasn’t skimmed from your wallet, but from using it at a compromised reader.

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According to the nfc app, the bus pass is NXP MIFARE DESFire / NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1.

Is that cloneable?

No. Read about the DESFire chip here (at the very bottom). It’s a secure platform, which is why it’s chosen for applications that need to be secure, like transit cards.

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Thanks for your reply. I find im having difficulties browsing this site on my mobile, otherwise I’d dig more for my own answers.

Also im assuming the only real applications for an implant for me, then, would be to pay (credit/debit), or find a way to clone my employee card/vehicle fob (also undetectable by phone), or maybe create a way to secure my PC and phone using an implant to unlock.

Any difficulties cloning a financial card (NXP IBM JCOP41)?

Yeah there’s no cloning credit/debit cards. That would be a huge security breach if that were possible. One of the links I sent was “Making payments with an implant”… the TL;DR version of that is there are no currently available implants capable of payments.

With that said, sign up for the vivokey announcement list


I’ve done some digging, and am unable to find an answer to this:

What device, or what sort of business, could read my employer card/vehicle fobs, and give me the information I’d need to decide what chip to purchase for cloning it? Is there a device I could use to check the readers at work to see if a cloned chip would be prevented from working?

If cloning were that easy, those access control items would be rather useless.

Vehicle fobs are not clonable to an implant. They are active (require a battery) and use more than just a unique ID number to authenticate you to the car.

Your employer card…if your phone with an app wont read it, then you would need a Proxmark or a low frequency cloner such as (I know it’s out of stock, you can find them elsewhere, but READ THE WARNING about cloners like this on that page). There’s no guaranty it will read it though as you don’t know what kind of card it is and the cloner only reads EM and HID cards. Though those are the most common cards and are typically clonable to the xEM. Is there a brand name on the readers at your work? Or the card? That wont tell you what kind of card it is, but it could narrow it down.

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Apparently I forgot to retrieve the card from a coworker I loaned it to, so I’ll have to get an answer for both the card and the reader tomorrow.

Thank you for the information on the vehicle fob and the warning on the cloner.

Both the card and the readers say AWID, and looking at their site, they do carry a number of Low frequency cards and readers. I suppose the proxmark should be a good investment?