How to protect my xNT tag without Android phone


Hahahaha no worries. It didn’t come across as mean spirited. I was just giving you a hard time. I got a chuckle out of it.

Yeah I’m not willing to jailbreak either. Good news is my brother has a nice used Galaxy S3 he’s sending my way.


groovy I’m excited for you. Your going to have So Much Fun with all that amal has to offer.


Good morning Vrocco
I’m interested in how things are progressing with your acquisition of the android phone from your brother and your success with initializing your chip using the DT app? Here’s to your enjoyment in this adventure.


I did get a phone and sideloaded the app. I was able to protect the tag with the DT app. I haven’t really had a chance to play with any other nfc apps with the tag though. Does anyone have recommendations for apps to use? Preferably ones that the apk can be downloaded directly from the web so I don’t have to use the google play store.


Good Evening
I’ve found this one for review and consideration