How to select certain information?

If you for example, you use your chip to store a business phone number, link to a website, link to your instagram account and you use your chip to unlock your front door, how would you give just the link to your website if a potential customer were to scan your chip with their phone or would they have access to all information on the implant?

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typically you store one of these only

or a website linking to all

or indeed multiple records but many phones wont support that

in the last 2 cases yes they see everything and pick what they need


Thank you, I appreciate your reply.

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It depends on how they scan it. If they scan using something like TagInfo or NFC tools they will get the UID which is used for unlocking.

If they just tap then they should only get the info in the ndef, which would be your business details.

Remember the iPhone will not read contact details without running a specific app, so a WebLink to your business/personal card/details is necessary. Android will read a vCard or the link.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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