How to use a proxmark3?

I’ve recently purchased the xEM implant, and have found myself becoming more interested in exploring the different possibilities. As a result I am considering purchasing the proxmark3, however I have absolutely no idea where to start. If anyone can assist me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly, how is it set up? And where do I attain the necessary software?

Secondly, I’d like to start with simply being able to clone access cards and key fobs to my xEM, allowing me to avoid the risk of encountering any issues that may arise when using the Chinese cloners, how is this achieved using the proxmark3?

Any other useful tips or uses of the proxmark3 is much appreciated. Also are there any good resources in terms of other websites, articles, tutorials, videos, etc…?

Thanks to all who contribute!

Hello I’m waiting to receive my proxmark3, but I have this link with some explanation and links for proxmark software


What does the link said?

The link said you should not use a Proxmark you lazy git. Literally.

Very unuseful questions like this:
******** wrote:

i have the latest pm3 version and wanted to learn how to crack mifare classic to pay,  open doors, tickets... also clone

i have the windows version and try to use the automated scripts but no data is coming back i get the uid but i dont know what the data represent and stuff like uid and by far i dont think ima doing it correctly

i have a hifi reader

will be ignored and if they will pop up anywhere in the forum I will probably cease to release compiled windows client.

REASON: this stuff [proxmark3] is not for lazy people.

If said not to use then why will you use?