How to write a FUID tag with MCT

Hi, I’m desperately trying to find the detail step by step process to copy a dump on a FUID card with MCT. I remember the first step was to write the UID only (with things to untick or to tick, that’s what I don’t remember), and the second was to write the rest of the blocks. But I don’t want to brick my only FUID card by doing something wrong, and my reader only accepts fuid card. Thanks for the help/link/video.

Just checking!

Is it definately an FUID ( Write once ) and thats what you want to do?..

I haven’t tried an FUID with MCT, but it SHOULD work.

Here’s how

Wait one caller…Just taking screenshots for you


Thanks a lot.
So there is no need to write block 0 first (because of FUID) and then the other blocks?

That is a very good question, I’m afraid I don’t know the answer and I didn’t think of that.
I’m not sure when the writing process is complete :man_shrugging:

After writing block 0
or after writing the full dump

If I had a FUID to test it on for you, I would.

You could Write all the blocks EXCEPT block 0

Just untick 0

Then repeat, but tick 0


Maybe you need to buy another FUID to test on before commiting to the write

Sorry I can’t be of more help, nor more certain of my answers

Thanks anyway!
Do you know where I could find that answer? Or from whom?

Our implants are not the sort of thing most people would wan’t to lock up, but somebody here MIGHT know
Probably the most likely would be here

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