Hypothetically can the orientation tool LED be installed?

Looked to see if this was asked before and couldn’t find anything I’m just curious

This: https://dangerousthings.com/product/xfd/ don’t do it, no guarantee it is safe in many ways.

From the Site:
DO NOT IMPLANT THIS PRODUCT. The xLED is made with thin-walled industrial grade glass, non-biocompatible epoxy resin, and would probably not even stand up to autoclave sterilization. Besides, you wouldn’t be able to see the LED while holding it up to a reader anyway.

This: https://dangerousthings.com/product/xled/ yes, it has been tested and is made safe for implantation.

Hypothetically you can implant everything that fits under your skin, practically you should not, especially if you wanna live longer, or not wanna get a necrosis or worse.


Interesting, do you by chance know the difference between the diagnostic card and the xfd? They both essentially do the same thing correct? With the exception of the diagnostic card having LF and HF. Is the xfd more useful because it’s the shape and size of most common implants?

The diagnostic card does not show you the operating orientation for the glass implants. It is explained on the product pages, also with a video on how they are to be used.

So their purposes are different. The xfd is to find the best orientation and the rdc is to find out what frequency and how strong the field is.



Do not, I repeat, do NOT implant the diagnostic tester capsule. It is a 3mm size capsule, so it is unlikely to fit any available injector assembly (except literally the ones DT sell - I’ve tried to source these in past). It’s not bioglass, it’s not thick enough for implantation, just don’t.