I can turn my lights on

My wife thinks I’m nuts.

I think this is the coolest thing ever.

I can turn my lounge lights on and off with my FlexM1 and my phone.

No more shouting “Hey Google”

I just wanted to share😁


Your wife is likely correct, but I am so doing this now. See you in the nut house!


We are injecting ourselves with chips, we are all nuts, but we are proud of it. So yes, your wife is theoretically correct, but even though we are crazy, we are developing the bleeding edge of technology (literally bleeding :rofl:)


Care to share your setup to make this happen?

Just a guess, but maybe Tasker

Sure. I’m sure there are more elegant ways to do it but I was just messing about and seeing what I could do.

I used Tasker and AutoInput. When I scan the Flex Tasker runs a profile that opens my Google Home App and then AutoInput simulates me pressing the touchscreen on the lights button and then the lounge lights toggle switch.

Because the lights are a toggle switch each time I scan the Flex it either turns them on or off.

If you want to go crazy with it use home assistant and our custom readers

Funnily enough but I bought a RPi initially to run HA but wasn’t smart enough to get it working as I wanted.

I might look into it a bit further now.