I did a naughty thing and I'm mighty pleased with myself

Oh really @ncc74656? Wow that would be amazing but first i have to get an implant or tag to toy with… that will probably be mid to late summer(or later if this virus keeps up).

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Honestly, you get so bored that doing the rounds is the most exciting part of your shift :skull:

Ohh I meant do my rounds from home on the couch :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just thinking here. What if you put an identical tag next to the existing one. With an “improved” URl, of course. A bit of aluminum foil tape would render the original dormant. Oh, wait. You could put it on top with foil blocking the original.

What if you put up 40 of them?

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San Francisco had the genius idea of putting NFC stickers on every parking meter in the city that has a link to an online payment gateway. Many of them have fallen off, so I’ve seriously thought about ordering the same tags from the city’s vendor and giving them a long overdue “upgrade”.


That would turn a simple prank into an intentional degradation effort with intent to cause harm to the company’s operations. I am not an evil person.

Also, it’s too much work.

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yea I think thats the big point. the first time was unknown that they were of some purpose and was mostly harmless. If you kept doing it while knowing that they are important and on a larger and more harmful scale… you may run into trouble.

and… yea, the laziness too

More importantly, why would I do that? These folks work for us and they ain’t done me no harm.

ya know, thats a very valid point

All the better - it’ll give me more time to get the replacement. Keep me in mind, I’ll try to help you out. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t mean you should. I once worked out a pretty solid plan to rob a place. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna go become a thief. I just enjoy the stimulation of "what could I do in situation X if I had no ethics.

I don’t have the reference for it, but someone once loaded a URL on their chip that led to a malicious software website. Effectively rigging up an electronic attack chip in their hand. They tested it out at work (controlled enviroment) and once the concept was proved that was it.

Gotta admire the thinking on it.


I am so doing this tommorow!!!