so a long story short theres a place in waterlooville that i traveled too to see if they would implant my NExT for me, they said yes, everything went smoothly and its all good an inplace, no pain what so ever, the guy was really nice and super down with the idea of implanting it, he even asked me to come back once i got it working. (*im going back sometime this week so show it off.) long story short he gave me back the paper work and i told him about the partner ship he could do with DT, and i told him about the map and how it would work, he said “huh, might bring is some more customers, ill do that, but dont tell me what i charged you” i made a promise, so sadly i cant say XD, but it was fairly cheep for standerd rates. needless to say, hes now partnering with DT so he can help more people get the implants done. so happy it worked out and im super happy with the result!