I had this done not long before that picture was taken I’m not a pro but I. Feel like it was implanted to shallow in week if it raise out I shall get it removed then heal the finger

So I got the xg3 implanted on the side of my hand it feels so cool :3 but I got another one gifted to me by a friend but I got this one done an I have seen just bout nothing really I started getting feeling back so stitches where out of question an the strips felt like my finger was being chocked out so I got it glued

My question :person_raising_hand: to everyone is does this look like it was done right I’m not fully sure how deep it should be but who’s to say cuz if it is I’d rather get it redone the person was truth worthy as hell just never really did anything like this but it looks good to me just turning purple that normal

well… it’s not looking awesome… the big patch of discolored skin under the incision looks a little like necrosis but it’s hard to tell with melanin rich skin tones… so it might have been at one point but then turned to scar tissue.

Is there any pain at this point?

Of course, when in doubt, you should consult your medical doctor.


Could also be blood pooling under the skin my xglo did that for a while.

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Hey so that was when it just got gone an I got home an was just woudjering I took glue off an it was not bleeding I coudkjtn not see magnet through skin so I put Steri-Strips on it cuz what blood what there came out of side an kidna lifted so I got them steri strips but honestly I wouldint really know cuz I have stupid high pain tolerance I got it done with out lidocaine and I didn’t feel a thing it does not hurt tho I think it just the blood cuz I may need a actual stitch

Also from what I was told I used wrong size strip If found smaller ones an it feel a lot better on my finger but fleecing is fully stoped so I think I’m in clesr I shall keep uo dateing but if there’s something wrong I’m just going to get it pulled an place it elsewhere when I can get around to it lol :joy: definitely fun tho I feel things like never before calls me nigneto

If I ever could get my hands on a xglow my life would be complete iv seen the glow in dark silicone but it’s not dangerous nuff for me I’m not saying i wanan be a fool I just like the look of the xglow so much sad it went out of stock before I. Had a chance to get one

I should also add I’m a black male with really light hands so blood shows in my skin reallly really easy XD

its possible the tight steristrips could have caused some necrosis. how long where they on before you took them off?

10 minutes an I felt my finger throbbing so I took it off right away after airing it out that way it calmed down a bit stil feel it but it does not hurt

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With regards to your question, keep an eye on it, swelling, inflamation, discolouration, etc. but also dont forget the often overlooked but super accurate medical tool, your nose

If it starts to smell, it is a good indicator of infection, and think about getting it out sooner rather than later

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That’s so true it don’t smell yet but imma give it a week to close uo if it started to feel any way imma get it pulled an reimolanted later by someone in us an I should be fine after it’s cleaned XD I mean shit it was free guys lol :joy: he wanted to learn so bad he’s be comeing a surgeon so I don’t blame the work as it’s not something he’s ganan do everyday so his experience was amazing he did my side of the hand an turned out better then when I did my first one on my own. :grimacing: so I definitely will I just get scard cuz I almost lost my left thumb to necrosis

Oh hell this sounds like fun :smile:
Since the xG3 is a long glass implant, I wonder how it’s placed - is it sitting transversely to your finger? Almost looks like that… and especially on the first pic, it looks like it pokes the skin from the inside. If you’re lucky, it’s gonna settle somewhere comfortable and you’re fine, if you’re unlucky it will put permanent pressure on some spot.
Just keep an eye on it, look for pain, swelling, heat, strange smells (good idea, @Pilgrimsmaster ) and all that stuff and react quickly if things go south.


This one is not the xg3 that one is on side of my hand this is the titan xD only reson I ask cuz I got orther one done like most it was easy an fast but this one he had to cut into my finger shove that lol fucker in XD