I joined the flex club

A couple of weeks ago I self installed my first implant, an IAR X3. I couldn’t get hold of a DT chip so that was the next best option for me.

Unfortunately I had a disappointing response trying to get it to work with the Gallagher readers at work, so I went ahead and ordered a DT FlexM1 and installed it tonight.

I was a bit daunted by the size of the needle and how far it had to go in but I have access to injectable lignocaine so chickened out and numbed the area first. Then with the help of my most excellent mother I lubed that drainpipe up and shoved it in my hand.

I’m now officially a working cyborg.

I’ll post pics tomorrow once I get them off my dad’s phone. Gotta love it when the parents visit and you ask if they can help out with something, and they say yes before you tell them what you’re doing.



Hehehe wow! That they didn’t back out is impressive, kudos.