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Cheers, I will add that to WIKI - NFC phone performance

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From the apple support page: “NFC tag must be pre-encoded with a web link. If the NFC tag is not encoded, the phone will not respond at all”. Can someone explain what this means? I’m having a hard time researching the answer

Apple devices are very particular about what type of NFC interactions they’ll allow. If you’re using a reader app then then they should read any type of NFC tag. If you’re just trying to read a tag from the home screen they’ll pretty much only read NDEF records with the “URI” media type, for example a webpage. I think the newer iPhones (X and up) have expanded capabilities, but I haven’t gotten a chance to play with them. From Apple’s perspective it’s a security thing

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Thanks for the info! Any chance you could clue me in on how to encode my chip in that way?

Update: I might have figured it out

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I would recommend the tagwriter app from the company that makes the chips:

Here’s a step-by-step guide for writing a URL to your tag:


Awesome, thank you bud!

I have an NExT and an iPhone X with the SimplyNFC app and it works great too.


Did you put the xLED in the blade edge of your hand?
Keen to see that video; there is not a lot of reference material out there for them.

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Yes I did, but I actually haven’t run into a reader to test it out haha. Until I do, I’m convinced we did it a little too deep. Experimenting is fun!

So here we are, a week and a day in! Getting easy reads on my NExT without phone cases, and alright reads with a case on.


Assuming it’s a high frequency xLED, your phone should activate it.

It’s low frequency. High frequency was sold out and I’m impatient haha

Are you sure? I haven’t seen low frequency (125kHz) in stock at all and high frequency (13.56MHz) is presently and has been in stock in both red and white. Note that low has the larger number because it’s 125 kilohertz and high is 13.56 megahertz. Phones are 13.56MHz.

Whoops yeah its 13.56


Was taken aback by the size too! I think they keep it a secret on purpose! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@CATCH @Zktat2s is the xLED any more tricky or painful to install or is it just more visually intimidating? I self installed a NExT (without issue) and still have an xLED and would love to know if I should anticipate much more difficulty.

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Apple only supports a small list of URIs, there’s a list of them here. That means it’ll read those types natively and ask you if you want to act on it without having to use an app.

If you want to store a vCard on your NeXT, iOS won’t read it and add a contact to that phone, as I hoped it would, not yet anyway. If however you store a phone number or email address, iOS will ask if you want to phone or email that recored.

It is a 3mm diameter chip so it will be a bit more difficult, particularly the needle bevel, but this is why we suggest keeping the bevel down instead of up… it requires much less force to get the complete needle bevel under the skin when the bevel is down, however you must ensure there is proper lifting of the skin proceeding the needle as it goes to depth or you will probably end up with two holes :confused:


I used the nxp tag writer app, and store a link to my work instagram (it auto reads on iPhones because its technically a web link) in place of a contact vcard