I’m sorry, mom :)

Was taken aback by the size too! I think they keep it a secret on purpose! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@CATCH @Zktat2s is the xLED any more tricky or painful to install or is it just more visually intimidating? I self installed a NExT (without issue) and still have an xLED and would love to know if I should anticipate much more difficulty.

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Apple only supports a small list of URIs, there’s a list of them here. That means it’ll read those types natively and ask you if you want to act on it without having to use an app.

If you want to store a vCard on your NeXT, iOS won’t read it and add a contact to that phone, as I hoped it would, not yet anyway. If however you store a phone number or email address, iOS will ask if you want to phone or email that recored.

It is a 3mm diameter chip so it will be a bit more difficult, particularly the needle bevel, but this is why we suggest keeping the bevel down instead of up… it requires much less force to get the complete needle bevel under the skin when the bevel is down, however you must ensure there is proper lifting of the skin proceeding the needle as it goes to depth or you will probably end up with two holes :confused:


I used the nxp tag writer app, and store a link to my work instagram (it auto reads on iPhones because its technically a web link) in place of a contact vcard


Vimeo.com should suit… I believe a free account will work. Can’t remember exactly as I’ve been paying them for years. Bonus you never have to worry about copyright claims there.


If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can use NFCWriter by Limneos

That’s what I use personally for reading and Writing.
Edit: More Info

I have the xNT and the xled ,both installed same day. The xNT has almost no scar and the xled has now a brown freckle. My Galaxy Note 8 and 9 both read them fine. Although for best visibility for xled I use the cheap online NFC reader and opened it up and cut the plastic in half so the reader board is exposed. But kept the grey shield on the back. Its easier and better to show people this way vs a phone. Make sure you use correct angle of approach.

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Got my first implants yesterday. Never had a piercing done before, got more than a few tattoos but this was a new experience. NeXT and Spark2 were alright, but the xLED was an eye opener to say the least! That leaves an impression!


Yes! the xLed is a big un’, I got that and now the xG3 similar IMO. Totals at 4 now. I told my wife tht was it for me for a bit but my Ripper Doc here in Houston had an xGlo and damnit! Now I want that one too…

Ripper doc in Houston?

in the installer section

Did you put the xLED in the blade edge of your hand?

Guys, I bought a xLED HF, a xLED LF, xEM, and a xNT. I plan to put it all in my two hands. xLED HF + xNT (LF) in my right hand and xLED LF + xEM (HF) in my left hand. Everything between the thumb and the index finger.

I plan this way because My phone wont be reading the xEM everytime I hold him with my right hand and when I want to read the Tag the xLED wont interfere. Is this correct, they wont interfere each other??? I will keep them separeted within 5mm each other.

I want to keep place in the rest of my hand to put other implants in a near by future. hahah

Ps. I am not a native english speaker, sorry in advance.


Correct, the xLEDs don’t interact with any readers, they are just energized / powered by the reader ( No communication between them )

Correct and Your placement plan sounds good

Your english is fantastic. :bookmark:
If you are struggling, there is a translate function at the bottom of each post if it detects anything other than English. But it sounds like you really don’t need it

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Really Thanks… you guys are awesome!!!