I may have bricked my gen2 magic ring

So I received my ring in the mail today, and immediately had trouble programming it. I eventually was able to clone my mifare classic 1k ev1 to it using my old android phone and mct, and I had set all access bits to FF0780 in an attempt to keep the ring modifiable. This worked fine for some readers, but I noticed the card wasn’t being recognized by my proxmark 3. So I took the steps to reverse a soft brick, and actually managed to rewrite block 0 and regain access to the ring. But instead of wiping it like I should have, I used the hf mf restore command to clone my card again, as I was too lazy to use my phone. Now i can only recover data from only sector 1 if I change the hf 14a config to ignore bcc.

The uid is also set to something I never intended to set it to, and I have no idea where it came from: 33 32 32 43
The keys & access bits for sector 1 (The only sector I can read without getting cmd error 04): 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF 07 80 69 FF FF FF FF FF FF

I’m assuming that the ring is permanently bricked but the fact that I can read anything off of it still gives me a sliver of hope.

Do you have a test card/fob that you can replicate the fault on?

You could try NFC Tools Format, but I would definitely reccomed trying on a test card/fob first

I do have a couple gen1a magic tags, I’ll try to brick one of those as well.

The problem with using the mobile app is that it cant read the card anymore, probably because of the BCC0 issue, the app Isn’t “seeing” the card I think.

I was not able to replicate the issue with these tags, I should have bought some gen2 tags before this!

Could you share the proxmark log of the session when you fixed the b0 issue and used restore?

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