I think I bricked my implant (hopefully not)

So I recently got the NEXT chip implanted in my right hand and I was a little to eager to get it working. I bought an RFID reader and writer off amazon

and I scanned the chip at 125 KHz and it worked. I grabbed my student ID and read it to copy it to the chip. It read fine but when I wrote it to the chip it said “write failure” and it no longer reads the chip at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I tested the xNT end and that still works great

Perhaps it’s worth trying to write the card to a fob and seeing if it works?

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The card writes to a fob with no problems

Any chance of getting access to another reader or a proxmark?

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I can look into a proxmark, any recommendation on where to buy a reliable one from

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RDV4: https://hackerwarehouse.com/product/proxmark3-rdv4-kit/
RDV2: https://store.ryscc.com/collections/all/products/elechouse-proxmark3

Or if you are at DEFCON the DCBHV might be able to take a look at it.



Yup. Here’s the official site for them btw


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So i got my hands on the proxmark and it does not seem to be able to find my chip (No Known Tags Found! is displayed). I tried some of the cards they give you to write to and they seem to work fine.

Sounds like a big oof moment

It might have clipped while writing to it. If you look through the forum I think this has happened before. Not sure if there is a way to fix it though.