I want to order a chip, but I don’t understand IT

Hello! I want to order a chip, but I don’t understand IT and I speak shitty English. I want to copy the work access card and the credit card. if I understand correctly I need an RFID implant but I really like LED implants which are nfc. so is the nfc implant not good for me?


The only way currently is with two implants. Any of the xSIID & xEM kits will work for what you want to do!

I jumped the gun with my statement above and made assumptions, Sorry!

Is there any writing or numbers on the back of your card? If so it may be possible to look up what type of card it is. Do you have a picture of the card reader?

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There are several options for a work access card. It is probably a low frequency card, but that is not certain.

Can you try scanning your work access card with your phone?
How to share NFC chip data via TagInfo app

This will at least tell us if it is NFC or low frequency. Model numbers from the cards and readers should also help.

As for credit cards they will be smart cards and are not cloneable. Your options at the moment are to use WalletMor in Europe or the Payment conversion service anywhere else. You might be able to use a Vivokey Apex in the future but not yet.

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We havent even got the info what kind of Chip the Work Batch uses, so we cant tell which chip would work.

At first we need a Scan as zwack supposed.

If its not possible to read it with your phone it is propably a LF Tag so you need other hardware to scan it.

Can you try scanning your work access card with your phone?
How to share NFC chip data via TagInfo app

ok im drunk af but if i got everything right then you saying that the XSIID or XEM will work is wrong. how can you know? we dont even know the card type yet


this type of reader

From my research this is a dual frequency reader that can read both depending on how its set up.

Is there any manufacturer writing on your card?

there is nothing written on the card and the android app does not read it😔

But i think it’s a SOYAL AR-TAGT61W60

Ok based on that it is most likely a low frequency card, but certain High Frequency cards cannot be read by the android app either.

If it’s a low frequency card, then the xEM should work. I have a Wiegand 26 bit card (one of the ones supported by the reader) programmed to my implant.

Without more testing however it is hard to say.

You could buy a rewritable T5577 test card, and Blue cloner. (No longer sold from DT due to issues possibly bricking the T5577 chip)
If you this you will want to make sure that the Blue cloner is HID Awid and EM

Here is the one I purchased

Blue cloner

T5577 rewritable cards

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Indeed it appears to be dual frequency and according to the manufacturers specifications it reads either MiFare (NFC) or EM40xx (LF) as Standard. It can also read several other formats optionally.

Soyal English product page.

Given that you can’t scan it with taginfo we can assume that it is low frequency and an Xem or any one of a number of chips (like the NeXT) can replace it.

As for payment I am assuming that you are in Hungary as you speak Hungarian so a WalletMor is currently your best bet.

In order to copy your access card you will either need a blue cloner (but they are not recommended) or access to something like a Proxmark3 easy.

It is probably a good idea to buy a card or two to copy your access card to first to test that you can copy it successfully.

I don’t know if anyone else here is in Hungary, but of so they might be able to help with the cloning.


I bought both because the PM3 was back ordered.

The blue cloner is very useful to have around for copying to cards for testing purposes but because of its issues It is NOT recommended for implants.

I remember seeing a company being chipped, like 10 employees and they just used the cloner without even removing the cap. It’s good the cloner’s gone, but it wasn’t that bad.

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I agree.
If you are only using the Blue Cloner :blue_cloner: to read and write,and only to EM /AWID/ HID Prox , it does the job pretty well, especially with a modification to the antenna.
Now with the known password, it also makes using the Blue Cloner less “one time” read/write restrictive.

You cant go wrong with the price and portability, But if you want to Read/Write to anything outside of those modes, the the ProxMark3 is the tool for the job.


Thanks for the much help. I’m still applying.:sunglasses: