iCopy-X **looks promising**


looks promising
RFID Card Copier
“Replacement” for a ProxMark?
More suitable for us than a Flipper Zero?
Will it read and write to an xSeries :man_shrugging:


Also interesting


Unusual wording
This could be another deal-breaker like Keysy!!!
That sounds like Proprietary to me, but the Youtube Video makes it look like bring your own “card” is fine, so I wonder if that means icopy-x cards will not work with Proxmark etc… but that also seems strange

But here is another video

Yikes. For $200 minimum I’d rather just spend a bit more and get an rdv4



IIRC it’s semi proxmark based? (Yep, just looked, it seems to be running a PM3 with iceman software, and software limitations for what it can clone to)

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I would urge anyone interested in this device to check out Doegox’s investigation of it thus far:

There is a lot of interesting findings in there and Im sure there will be many more in the near future.

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An add on for the iCopy-X that may be of interest to some

We’ve just launched the pre-order for the UK for the ICopy-XS… cards to follow. Officially the RRP is meant to be £450 according to the Icopy UK distribution price… we’ve listed it as £350.