If razer can do it

So the above article talks about razers new NUMBERLESS credit card. It’s a physical virtual card linked to an app. It’s only being released in Singapore but still, it’s a prepaid physical card with no number and no exp date. So is there some detail that makes the Apex a different monster?

Nowhere does it say the physical card has no expiry date.

It has no number on it and no exp on it it’s linked to the app as far as I can tell.

If you look at the app the expiration date is on the card, the number, cvc and exp are on the back to make it look cleaner.

But isn’t it expiration date of connected traditional card?

Crap I think you are right. Sorry everyone I got too excited. After further research:
14.1. A Card shall not be valid upon its expiry which shall be five (5) years. The expired physical Card will be
automatically renewed with a new Card subject to a renewal fee being imposed by Razer Pay, unless
otherwise instructed by the Cardholder by giving Razer Pay 30 days ‘prior written notice.

The LED does mean we might get a blinky payment implant at some point though!

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So I know this post is old but I didn’t want to start a new one just to ask a question. Does anyone know if anyone on the forum is from Singapore so they can be part of the beta test for this card?

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:speaking_head: Calling @reythestingray

Lol ya saw in the location thread and sent rey a message.

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Oh, hah, if by “at some point” you mean now… I have a blinky payment implant

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Oooh, I don’t suppose you could link to any descriptions or pictures for me?

I don’t really have a video, but its just a led nail in my custom payment chip implant. Only lights up on the field.