I'm an electrician, and sometimes I get shocked

I’ve been looking into putting a microchip in my hand now for a while, but the only thing stopping me is my job. I’m an 02/01 electrician,(commercial, and residential) and there are times when I’m not able to shut the power off on something im working on, and I do zap myself every now and again. Most of the time it’s a household outlet or switch(120), but I sometimes work in operating warehouses where I cant shut off the power, and its DC. I’ve only felt DC twice but would the microchip suffer any damage, or would it be insulated from the current?


I have a chip in my lef hand as well as a scar from 240v ac when changing a lamp backed from the ring main. Chip had no ill effect.


Nope. I get shocked all the time with DC and AC right around my implants. Your body is a significantly lower resistance pathway than through the glass, resin, and Integrated Circuit.


If you’re an electrician, you should know that glass doesn’t conduct electricity.

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The chips are encased in glass which is a classic insulator and was even used on power poles before ceramic insulators… but also… you are a giant bag of salt water… you are the best conductor ever… so there’s no reason for the current to even attempt to make a pathway through the chip.


No. The implants are glass encapsulated. Glass does not conduct electricity.

Yeah, if you’re shocking yourself with any sort of regularity I’d be much more concerned with the electricity affecting your heart than it affecting a small piece of glass

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I was actually rewiring some lighting today and had that exact thought. Then I just said… how about don’t get shocked. Success. Lighting wired, no shocks. Mind over matter :wink: