Implant as replacement for Yubikey for 2FA?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know of an implant that I can use as a replacement for the Yubikey for my 2FA?

Yes. Apex. SOON™.
I can not await it, though it will probably not be as soon™ as it once seemed.

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Thank you for quick reply.
Will all Apex versions support the 2FA?

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They all could. afaik there once existed a real yubikey applet. I doubt it will be officially a yubikey. All apex’ will be able to run such applets tho’.

Not sure what exactly you’re after, but e.g. OTP based 2FA will work from day one as there are already applets for that.

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And possibly a conversion from a yubikey to an implant?

Was explored, I think it’s too thick + the button would always be pressed by the encapsulation.

Once they finish the U2F javacard applet, Apex will let me get rid of my Yubikeys (if memory serves). Looking forward to it!

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I was looking around and came across this.

Could it be cloned or converted?
What’s your idea?

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I made inquiries and the NFC portion of the card could be used without being charged.
Could this also be cloned or converted or does the NFC need more?

It’s more about having an antenna for it.
My guess is, since it’s not NFC only, it’s not as simple as converting e.g. purewrist.
Maybe @Satur9 has something to say?

*-* yes, Apex is gonna be awesome.

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Sounds like the NFC and Bluetooth operate redundantly, so maybe it could be converted. Somebody would need to melt one down though, and there’s a battery so you’d have to be careful picking it apart. Sounds like a lot of work for something vivokey is already doing


I completely agree, only the last one is not available yet, right? :wink:
The problem lies in the undetermined word “soon” :stuck_out_tongue:

DT Club members just have a better feeling for the word soon…

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I don’t mean that wrong or anything but you know something is coming but you don’t have anything to indicate that it will be released tomorrow or next week :slight_smile:
It’s just sometimes difficult that no time image can be pasted on things like this :slight_smile:

Because the vivokey here means the vivokey Apex?

How do you mean ?
Maybe the translation is not quite right, my english is not that great so I use google translate.

Club members get some inside information and hints at when soon™ might be, delays, current situation etc

Or the “Public” version, this saves you from searching for the latest updates, but only publicly available information, not club member snippets

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I did not know that.
So if I understand correctly, I support and then I will be added to that group or will my level be adjusted so that I can also see that group? :slight_smile: