Implant compatibility

When I set mine up, this is exactly what I ran (changed facility code and card number for security)

lf t55xx write -b 0 -d 00147040
lf io clone --vn 02 --fc 100 --cn 00011 

Did your Proxmark come with any test cards? I originally tested against the T5577 card that was included with my Proxmark before I actually cloned to my implant

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Based on that he was missing the - before b and d.

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The problem now I suppose Is the --vn 02 --fc 100 --cn 00011 when I use lf search Hardly any information appears, where would I find the values for vn,fc, and cn?

And yes it did but all of the cards are reading as hf

you need to place your old fob on the Proxmark and run lf io read, it will give you the version, facility code and card number

this is all I’m getting.

[usb] pm3 --> lf io read
[+] IO Prox - XSF(01)58:54738, Raw: 007856203d5e943f (ok)

According to the examples on this page you may be able to use the raw number with

lf io clone <raw number>

Although if I had to guess Version is 01, Facility Code is 58 and the card number is 54378. You could try writing that and then reading the card and seeing how it responds.

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Yeah this is exactly correct,

vn is 1

fc is 58

cn is 54738