Implant Install Near New Orleans or South Mississippi?

NExT is out for delivery today and will be my first implant. I am in South MS but only about an hour from New Orleans. Is there anyone on here from the area and can recommend someone to implant nearby? Nearest on the DT map is Houston which is about 5 hours away. I have gone to a few local shops with the paperwork provided on the site to persuade, but most are not interested (implants are not very common here, I guess because Bible Belt).I have reached out to a biohackers group on Meetup but they have not responded, but it appears they are more into the medicinal/supplement side of biohacking. Thanks in advance!

@Ikea may have had some luck.

Hopefully he sees this, heres the thread

Someone near Pensacola to implant

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Yeah I saw that thread, didn’t see much in the way of followup. Hopefully he or someone else will have some info!

It’s not near you, but if you end up in Texas, i used Ian Bell and would recommend him. Several other forum members have good things to say about Pineapple.

Both should be on the DT partners map.


Another resource to try,

Unfortuneatly, there’s not many pins near you, one in Georgia, a couple in Florida, three in Texas, and I’m the #8 pin above you in Arkansas.

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Want to meet at a sketchy truck stop at the LA/AR line and do an install? :joy: :joy: If I cannot find someone within a reasonable distance, I will just do a self install after studying up on aseptic prep procedures and rewatch some of these install videos floating around.

Yeah, I’m a touch needle phobic.

I found a really interesting spot on the wall and studied it intently when mine went in.

Is there a way to practice on something comparable, but not living?
Pork chop, Whole raw chicken, or something?

In my opinion THIS is one of the better self install videos out there

if you check out this wiki I made there is a decent amount of info to start you out in the
HOW DO I GET IT IMPLANTED section (including the one above…)

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I have watched that one a few times, it is definitely a good one. I am torn a little, because a PMK would be helpful for install, but what I have read, it is better to have feeling in case it goes into muscle.

I used the emla patch and it removed most of the pain without truly numbing it. Make sure you don’t center it over the insertion point. You want it to cover your area you’ll be going to with the insertion point towards one side.

The patches are small… but the new gel is great! Lots of coverage area.

I never did end up getting the implants done, I couldn’t find anyone, and some personal things came up, so I was unable to continue my search until now.

So sadly no luck from me.

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Wlecome back and good luck