Implant locations + numbing gel question

Hello! I would like to get some implants (Magneto Bundle + xG3 v1 and red xLED), and I have a general idea of where I want to put them. Will the locations of these implants effect each other negatively? The locations are:
L0 - Spark 2
L5 - xG3 v1
Left ring fingertip - xG3 v2
R0 - NExT and xLED

Also, will one packet of numbing gel work for multiple areas of skin, or should I buy a couple of packets and do the installs on separate days?

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The locations are fine IMHO. But take into account the size of your fingertips as the xG3 is a large magnet.

Also, the xG3 v1 is better as sensing so that’s the one you probably want to place in your finger. In fact, I’d get a Titan instead but I don’t know the size of your hands.

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I don’t see why any of those locations should interfere with each other. I had a concern in the back of my mind of my xG3 messing with my NExT and xSIIID when I sleep since my right hand with the magnet is right next to my left hand with the other implants. I’ve had no issues though. Infact I just rewrote the LF side of my NExT for my new apartment building today and it’s worked perfectly. I won’t have a magnet within the 20mm of any other implant unless I’m sleeping with my hands together, but the separation seems good so far.
I didn’t use a pain management kit for my NExT in L4 or my xSIID in L0. I put lidocaine cream on the injection site for my xG3 about 30 minutes prior to install. I don’t think the lidocaine cream had enough time to effect the targeted area in the 30 minutes.
Pain is subjective, I’ve seen so many people relate to the smaller needle implants being a bee sting. For me however, it was more than a bee sting, but it wasn’t too much, even without a pain management solution.
That being said, I’m using topical lidocaine for my xG3v2 install, but applying more than 30 minutes in advance. Not necessary, but why not?