Implant officially installed 😁

I just got back from my appointment of getting my NeXT installed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m in love already and haven’t even did anything yet lol I didn’t feel any pain during, I made a noise during because I anticipated it to hurt a lot because of the size of the needle, I didn’t feel an ounce of pain, the needle popping through the skin really freaked me out but it didn’t hurt. Here is the video and picture for everyone is they would like to see, also could use some help with setting it up initially, I probably won’t do it right now. but….

I want to make sure I have all the info I need when it’s time to do so

Video on YT.


Well it won’t let me post the video so I just have that picture…

Should be able to upload the video the same way, just have to make sure it loads all the way, or you could post a link to a site hosting the vid.


Ooh ooh I can do this now too…

One of us! One of us! :grin:


Do you have a Proxmark3 yet? And are you an Android or iPhone user?

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I do not have a proxmark yet, I will be getting one probably within the next two weeks, wanted to give my hand some time to heal. I have an IPhone.

Good choice. I was actually able to read my implant by downloading the TagInfo app by NXP, the night I got it installed (installed? Implanted? Lol). I have an Android so I’m not sure how helpful that app is on iPhones… I’m sure someone else will chime in on what iPhone app is good to use.

I didn’t use my pm3 until I got home. (I had a free night at Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, so figured I’d get the implant and drive 1hr 15min to the casino, rather than the 2.5 hrs back home lol).

Suprised that the pm3 read my tag and I was able to clone my work badge in about 30 seconds. Was not expecting that… figured I’d have to wait a week or so, but everyone is different.

try again now
I upped your user level…since you are clearly not a bot but you are now a cyborg.


I’ve seen this making the rounds and I like it… So I stole it…

giphy (29)

What are you going to try to do with it first?


I really planned on opening the door at work but the system is is a HID multiclass SE. someone told me in another forum post that I would need the Flexclass implant to do that and it’s still not letting me download the video I’ll post a link because I uploaded the video on YouTube. It’s like a 30-45 second video of the procedure.



Well you’ve already got your next implant already picked out then… That can’t be anything but a win :wink:

So with the original plan scuttled do you have a back up plan for it?

Honestly, I’ll probably just store some info on it and then look up some compatible locks for it.

I’m having a hard time finding forums to help me “set up” my implant I don’t want to mess anything up. Do you have a link you could provide me with, as in a start up guide?

if you need specifics, just come back and ask

Also, quick guide to TagWriter

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