Implant shifting after 2 years

So I implanted an xNT clone 2 years ago in L0. (Don’t worry too much! I tested for heavy metals) I planned on swapping it for a next at grindfest in May, but of course, that never happened! Last night right before I fell asleep I hit it with my other hand and it shifted a bit. I didn’t even hit it with any force. Im pretty sure it hit a nerve because I immediately felt that familiar Vagal nerve nausea. I’m not concerned about breakage because there’s no sharp pain or swelling, but I found it really odd. Anyone else experience this?

Did the chip actually break loose and migrate, or did it just stretch a bit? I can “move” my chip quite a lot… almost half an inch… but it’s just moving with the tissue, it’s not migrating under the skin. Migration or not, its possible you engaged a nerve there and triggered VSVO… my doc one time gently pressed his thumb into my AC joint on my shoulder and I nearly passed out. It’s amazing how sensitive that kind of thing can be… it’s probably the source of all those chinese medicine “meridians” and energy lines and qi centers kind of thing comes from… nerves are strange things connected up in strange ways.