Implant survey to get more information about the community

Hello, I’ve made a survey to get some statistics about implants in the community. Please take a few seconds to answer, if you encounter any problems, just reply below. I’ll be releasing aggregated statistics in a few days. Thanks everyone!

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Hello! Welcome to the community!

Yes. Hello. Nice to meet you too.

Care to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself instead of barging in and requesting that the community answer your survey? And what’s the point of the survey anyway?

Honestly… Am I the only one to find this a bit cavalier?


100% agree, im going to presume that this person is C0DE from the discord and they have only been there since the 14 September.

Definitely want to know why you want the info, what your going to do with it and who you are.


Hey all! I am C0DE in the discord. Here’s my introduction :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Mitchell. I live in Ottawa, Canada. I’ve recently ordered the VivoKey Spark 2, the company that I work for is looking at implants for an employee login system, and I agreed to be the test subject! This will be my first implant, and I’m super excited to be a cyborg!

As for the survey, it initially started with curiosity as to how many people self implant compared to a professional installation. I thought while I’m at it, I might as well ask people some questions about the implants they have and a few (not too personal) demographic questions.

In a few days, I’m going to be releasing the charts I get from Google forms, but no individual responses as that could be considered personal information.

I’d like to thank everybody who participates and wish everyone a wonderful day!

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them below.

Thanks! Welcome to the forum then :slight_smile:

Interesting that you company wants to propose an implant based system to all the employees. It’s not all that common in North America.

On a side note, if half of the discussions happen on the Discord IRC server (to which I don’t even have access because their security system don’t work, even if I wanted to), it might make things a bit hard to keep track of in this here forum.

It’s currently in the trial phase, we’re a smaller company filled with tech geeks, but the implants will be optional.

I feel like the discord is more for casual chat about implants and the forum is for support and questions. I wonder if the security issue is an issue caused by configuration of the discord server, may be something to talk to an admin about.

Well yeah, but see here what happened: you were known there, so you just carried on here, and for someone who don’t patronize Discord, it doesn’t exactly feel like there’s continuity :wink:

It throws a fit each time you log in with a different machine, or from another IP - which I do all the time. When it does, it sends you an email with a clickable link so you can confirm you’re not an 3v1l H4x0r. Trouble is, the email arrives 3 days later after the link has expired.

For Paypal or banks, that paranoia feature makes sense. For a stupid chatroom, it’s really annoying, even if it worked - and it doesn’t. Apparently, it’s a common problem for many Discord users.

I visited it when it opened, but it’s just not for me. I wanted to join it the other day because the forum appeared to be dead for half a day, but it started throwing the aforementioned fit. After 10 minutes trying to log in unsuccessfully and not getting any email, I had enough. If it doesn’t work, it can fuck right off. I don’t care nearly enough about it to contact anyone in charge for a solution.

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Ah, I understand. I had the same issue before during a road trip, it was really a pain in the ass. Perhaps there’s something discord support can do to authorize any IP to login. I sort of wish there was a good alternative to discord but sadly there isn’t (at least to my knowledge)

I’ve been on IRC since the early 90’s and it seems to work fine :slight_smile: Not all that great to exchange lolcats though…

Anyhow, back to your company: have other employees expressed an interest? Is the project even publicized?

A few employees have expressed interest, it’s not too publicized, however, in the future, if it’s ever implemented, we’re hoping to get some recognition from the media.

Since we’re a smaller company, it’s a bit easier to implement but it’s still going to be a struggle. I’m really excited for the final product!

Yeah I bet.

I wish my coworkers were more interested. They all see me go in and out of the building, and log into various computers without a password throughout the day, and they all know about my interest in implants. But no-one seems very attracted to the idea of doing it themselves - apart from that one guy, but he faints at the mere mention of needles. So I’m not too hopeful at my workplace…

Scalpelwork! Without (injected) anaesthetics! And he’ll be fine, for there is no single needle involved :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of our employees are college students going into IT which makes it a lot easier to get them on board. I’ve noticed that the older they are, the more hesitant they are to get an implant.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed a similar thing on the survey, there tends to be a lot of people under 25 having implants. What I really found interesting was how there was at least 1 person in the 45+ age range, definitely wasn’t expecting that.

On the topic of anesthetics, I’d highly recommend Polysporin plus pain relief, it contains 5% lidocaine and is much cheaper than Dr. Numb.

Nah, don’t worry, I’ve got my installer and already got two implants in (done with scalpel), I’m all fine. Was just an insider-joke between Rosco and me, kinda :wink:

Hmm, yeees… No offense, but you might not be the best ambassador for the cause :slight_smile:

Actually, there is another coworker of mine who got really quite close to being excited by my doNExT - which is saying a lot for a Finn - but as it happens, he is a dwarf, and I think even a flexM1 would be a struggle for the size of his hands. Hell, I’m tall and the doNExT is a bit of a stretch for my wrist - quite literally :slight_smile:

I am in that age bracket, and I don’t feel like being from another generation should impair my ability to have what the youth of today wants, if I want it too. Having said that, I definitely stand out like a Macintosh in an Apple store when I go to my piercer’s to have someting installed. I can totally see how one could feel quite uncomfortable if one cares about that sort of thing.


That’s a great way to think! I wish everyone was more accepting of new technologies!