Implant too deep, is it really a thing?

Can an implant really be too deep?
I mean, if you dont have big hands, the fat layer cant be really big right?
Can it matter that much?

It feels like whenever someone says their implant is too deep, it’s not healed up yet.
(This image has nothing to do with hands, or maybe it does idk, all numbers are approximations)

Here it says the fat is ~1.2mm that’s where an implant would sit right?
If that’s the case the implant can only move like 1.2mm from the most outer spot.

Is 1.2mm fat more or less that much? Does it detune the field or like block it so not enough energy comes through?

Can you really by accident install it deep between thumb and index finger without like hurting yourself and then removing it?

basically “too deep” would be into muscle tissue, at which point it would be very likely to migrate laterally through the muscle fibers and create scar tissue that may be painful and impede range of motion.

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That’s what I thought. It seems so unlikely to me that that would go unnoticed.

except people don’t know what to expect really… they might just think that pain is normal and never mention it… maybe even get used to it and start ignoring it. very hard to quantify subjective experiences, especially when they are not your own.