Implanted last night

Barely reads and when it does it gives me an error msg.

I’m guessing you have previously attempted to secure your xNT and maybe got a “transceive error”. This can happen sometimes when the coupling is not perfect between the phone and the xNT and the process does not exit smoothly. However, the process did likely complete successfully, and now when your subsequent attempts are telling you the lock bits have already been altered. Admittedly the app’s error handling is crap, it should tell you the current state of your xNT (secure or insecured) and offer actions you can take… we’re working on getting a new developer on the case. For now it is what it is.

If you are concerned, you can use the Dangerous Things Support Tool to scan your tag and email the contents directly to me for review, or you can post a screenshot here. I can tell you if the tag has been fully secured or not.

This ??

Yep, your xNT has successfully been protected. Page 02 shows 0F 00 for lock bytes, and page E2 shows 00 00 7F. You’re all good.

What can I do with it in the mean time before you fix the app?

The app fix is irrelevant to you. It worked. Your tag is protected, so the app’s purpose is fulfilled and can now be uninstalled.

Now you can use your xNT as you would any NFC tag. Write your vCard contact details to it. Store a rick roll video URL to it. Write a little poem and store in on there.