Implanting Multi-chip

Hey All,

New here and new to bio-hacking - Lets say long time stalker but i’m only choosing to act now.

Anyway, I’ve ordered the Red xSIID Bundle – Red xSIID Bundle: xSIID + xEM +Access Control + Proxmark3 and i’m wondering… given i’m right handed and 99% of things i want to interface with are to my right hand side (Access to building, laptop etc) would it be OK to stick both chips in parallel to each-other in the same hand… Has anyone else done this and noticed any interference be that electronic or with hand function etc? (Its a bit late to amend the order for the Next chip at this stage and i needed the proxmark sooo c’est la vie)

Second question… Which tag could come closet to a YUBIkey? Once i’m done playing with the first lot i want to move on and use hand 2 for MFA and put the payment chip in the outer side of the right hand. But that will come later this year.

Thanks all, looking forward to the adventure and the learning.

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This should not be a problem. the xEM is 125kHz, and the xSIID is 13.56MHz. They operate on different frequencies. This is what allows the NExT to work, so it’s the same principle.

Just make sure they’re not too close together. Back when I was lurking I think I saw something about them breaking or damaging your body if they’re too close. (I can’t find the post that said that, so don’t quote me on that, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) So if you put both in your right hand in the fleshy bit next to your index metacarpal, then that’s dangerous, but if you put one in the aforementioned fleshy bit and one between your index and middle finger, then that should be okay.

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You should be alright so long as they’re more than 5mm apart, you may want to look in this thread for location ideas too:

More info on multiple chips in one hand:


This was the answer i needed :grin: