Impossible to clone?

I’ve been trying to clone my school id. It seems to be a MIFARE DESFire chip. After some googling, I’ve seen people eluding to it as being impossible to clone? Is this true?

The last command they did before declaring it uncloneable:

No, DesFire EV Chips are not clonable.
If you would want to use a implant, you would have to get your implant enrolled.
Best approach for that is to approach whoever manages the chips/security and get them to enroll your implant

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To be clear, secure applications on desfire chips cannot be cloned. They can’t be cloned because they are secured with standards-based encryption algorithms that have not been cracked yet. There are magic chips that exist which allow you to emulate a desfire chip… sort of. The emulation is minimal and only supports a few features… definitely not the entirety of the desfire chip’s capabilities… But enough to have a changeable UID and identify as a desfire chip when subjected to the most basic of probes.

Sadly, these are basically pointless because any application that’s going to pay the extra cost to deploy a desfire chip to users is going to leverage those security features in some way… So the logical short answer is that desfire chips cannot be cloned… I just wanted to point out the nuance behind this simplified answer.

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