Impossible to wipe hf 15 tag? (help please)

It worked!!!
Thank you so much man!!!


Glad it worked out!

More info on the destroy command for anyone interested:

Not sure if/how you can get the destroy password from the PM3, but I didn’t look too hard either


Now I’m curious why you wanted to destroy the tag? Is it in a piece of clothing or something where it is not easily removed instead of sending the destroy command?

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yes amal, exactly this is the case! I was not able to physically remove it, so it had to be technical

i watched the whole video but what does this mean in pm3 terms? What command do i have to send along with “hf 15 raw…”?
In the software showcased in the video there is a simple destroy button


There’s not just a single fixed command that you can type in, it’s more of a process. The SLIX2 has a system to prevent replay attacks, certain commands need to request a random number from the tag, then send the relevant password combined with that random number, and then you need to calculate the CRC value to append to everything else.

If the password solution meets your needs, it’s probably easier to just stick with that. If you want to use destroy, the datasheet will explain each of the steps, you can use something like CyberChef to help with all of the encoding and calculations.

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